Visiting the School Campus


Our Alma Mater welcomes visits from past students.

Kindly note that due to the busy school and student activity schedules, ongoing maintenance works, environment safety and premise security concerns, the School will arrange a teacher or a staff to accompany you during your visit to ensure a pleasant experience.

As such, prior registration is required. Please contact the General Office to register and indicate your purpose of visit. If you are coming as a group with other alumnae, do list their names as well. The school staff will then get in touch with you to follow up on the necessary arrangements.

Only past St. Marians are allowed on campus during such visits. Family and friends are welcomed during special events such as Drama Week, Open Day or Alumnae Homecoming Day etc.

Visitors please enter the school via the Kimberley Road entrance, and sign in at the security counter to comply with security measures.

Thank you for your cooperation. Have a wonderful time down memory lane!



SMCC General Office - (852) 2724 2771 or
SMCS General Office - (852) 2368 4204 or


January 2024





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