Visiting the School Campus

Our Alma Mater always welcomes visits from past girls. However, due to school hours and the many other activities taking place on campus these days, we recommend alumnae to follow these guidelines when planning a visit.  You can also download a copy of these guidelines here.


1.  When is a good time to visit St. Mary’s?

The School is open during school days and on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays and public holidays.  Visiting hours are: 


Visiting Time

Monday – Friday

9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Saturday 9:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. (Office closes at 12:00 noon)

Sunday & Public Holidays


Due to security reasons, please understand that the School is unable to entertain visitors outside of these hours.

Note: If you’re visiting during class hours, please do not go near classroom areas or students having their P.E. lessons/activities on the playground to avoid disturbing the students.


2.  Who should I contact in advance if I want to visit St. Mary’s?

Alumnae are encouraged to contact the School in advance if they would like to come back for visit.  Please contact the teacher-in-charge or the General Office directly.  Simply send an email to with the following details: purpose, date, time, name(s), graduation year, and the mobile number of the contact person. Staff members can then verify the information in advance in order to speed up your entry.




SMCC  (Secondary)

Ms Berenice Lau


(852) 2724 2771

General Office
Ms Wynsie Tang

(852) 2724 2771


SMCS (Primary)

General Office
Ms Cathy Wong

(852) 2368 4204



3.  Which entrance should I use to get into St. Mary’s?  Do I need to register?

You can either come in through the Austin Road entrance or the Kimberley Road entrance.  The security guard at the entrance will request you to write your name, year of graduation and mobile phone number on the Log Book.  If you have made a prior arrangement with the School for the visit, please let the guard know so that she can verify with the General Office accordingly. Please note that visitors may be requested to show their HKID card during the process.


4.  I happen to be in the neighborhood, can I come into the school for a visit without any prior arrangement?

While alumnae are always welcome to visit their alma mater, sometimes the occasion may be inconvenient for unannounced visits because the campus is often loaded with activities.  As a result, the School encourages prior arrangements in order to avoid disappointments.  If you happen to be in the neighborhood during the visiting hours (refer to #1 for the hours), and would like to make a visit, please check with the security guard at the entrance to see if the occasion is convenient.  If not, kindly arrange another time with the staff contacts listed above.

For unannounced visits, registration will take longer. The security guard is required to contact the General Office to verify the identity of the visitors, especially for those without past student cards. If the visit is made during non-office hours, visitors will be required to show their HKID card to the guard, and write down their mobile numbers, and the first 4 digits of their ID, in the Log Book.

The School management apologizes for any inconvenience these procedures may cause, and
appreciates your understanding for the necessity to safeguard the campus and students of our Alma Mater.


5.   Sometimes I notice that the school is open during non-school hours.  Can I come in for a visit?

Occasionally you may find the school playground open on Sundays, public holidays or evenings during non-school hours.  This is because part of the campus might be borrowed by the Rosary Church or Government bodies for other purposes.  While it might be possible for you to get into the school at those times, we do not recommend walking around for a visit as most part of the school is in fact closed due to security and safety reasons.  We do not want to put the security guards into difficult positions as they are unable to liaise with the General Office during those times.


 6. Can I take photos on campus during my visit?

Feel free to take photos on campus during your visit, but for courtesy and privacy reasons, please do not take photos of the students, teachers and staff, unless you have their explicit consent to do so.  In addition, please do not go to restricted areas for security and privacy reasons.  Also, please remember that photos taken cannot be used for any commercial purposes.     


7.  I’m planning a gathering.  Can I book the campus as venue?

While the School welcomes alumnae for visits, the campus cannot be made available for private events or functions due to its busy schedule and other security and safety concerns. 


8.  If I drive, can I park my car at school?

Unless prior arrangement has been made, visitors are not allowed to park on campus as that may interfere with school and student activities.  Kindly make use of the carparks nearby for your parking needs.


If you have further enquires, please contact Ms Wynsie Tang of
the School Office at (852) 2724 2771 or



Download a copy of these guidelines here.






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