School Emblem


We all have spent quite some years at our Alma Mater,
yet have we ever taken a close look at our school emblem?  What does the design mean?

Click on the different parts of the emblem to  see what
the various elements stand for.


The Emblem

The whole emblem symbolizes our school motto
"Cor Unum et Via Una", "One Heart and One Way".


The Crown

The Crown on top refers to the Virgin Mary as her
crown of glory received from Jesus at his resurrection.


The "A" and "M"

The graphical "A" and "M" here stands for the Latin
phrase  "Ave Maria", which means "Hail Mary".


The Big Star

The big star in the middle symbolizes the Holy Mary,
Star of the Sea, our guardian and teacher.


The Small Stars & The Stripe

The small stars represent all those under the influence
of the school, including sisters, teachers and staff, and students.  The stripe represents the "one way" that we follow.


The Wheat

The wheat stands for the spiritual and intellectual aspects
of a Canossian school. The bundle of wheat indicates solidarity.


The School Motto

"Cor Unum et Via Una" in Latin literally translates as
"One Heart and One Way". This in turn means "United in Love".  The "One Way" is Love.







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