PSA Vision

To become the unique and central organization in the planning, development and implementation of programs and activities of all past students of St. Mary's Canossian College (SMCC) and St. Mary's Canossian School (SMCS); with the aim of fostering close relationship and cooperation with the Schools to uphold the values, traditions and reputation of the Schools.


PSA Mission

  1. To continuously expand membership and extend representation of members to include past students across all ages, geographies and socio-economic backgrounds.
  1. To strengthen bonds with SMCC and SMCS by active participation in school events whenever possible and to organize projects focusing on building comradeship between current and past students.
  1. To promote fellowship among members within the organization.
  1. To serve the schools and the community.


PSA Constitution (revised in June 2013)

Both SMCC and SMCS will need to have their Incorporated Management Committees (IMCs) set up within the year 2013 as required by the Education Ordinance, and St. Mary’s Past Students’ Association has been recognised as the alumni body to nominate, among its alumni from SMCC and SMCS, candidates to become the alumni managers of the corresponding IMCs accordingly.

However, since we have always been a big St. Marian family, the membership of SMPSA consists of alumni from both SMCC and SMCS.  It is therefore necessary for us to re-organise the structure of SMPSA so as to comply with Section 40AP of the Education Ordinance (Cap. 279), that is, only the alumni of the respective school may elect or become office-bearers of the body.

The Executive Committee worked closely with the schools’ management to revise the structure and the Constitution of SMPSA to meet this requirement, and the new Constitution was adopted at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 22 June 2013.

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