Mentorship Programme



It is crucial for students to take an active role in managing their own development and getting knowledge for further studies and to enter the workforce.  The Mentorship Program at SMCC serves to provide an opportunity for incumbent F.5 students to gain from the experience and professional knowledge of past St. Marians.




The program aims to:

  • provide information to students to prepare them for further studies in universities of choice

  • share with students some current practices in graduate recruitment across various industries

  • equip students with knowledge for consideration in career planning

  • provide opportunities to students for networking among alumni from various professions

  • foster a sense of proactiveness in personal growth




1.Students will have an opportunity to express interest in joining the program after an initial  briefing. Participation is voluntary.


2.Communication sessions will be organized on:

-       getting into a university of choice

-       preparing to enter the workforce

-       recruitment methods prevalent in the market for industries


3.Students will also have opportunities over the year to meet with their assigned mentor(s) in group.  Through these informal meetings, students can gain a better understanding of a particular industry and learn how to be better prepared for it.





The program will last for 1 year.  It is suggested that mentors and mentees may have meetings and communication sessions with the mentors over the year.





Mentors will be past St. Marians who have volunteered to share their experience and knowledge with incumbent F.5 students to prepare them for the future.



Roles of a Mentor


The mentorís primary role in the mentorship program is to facilitate discussion and sharing in the group.  A mentor should:

  • provide mentees with and insight as to how to develop skills and knowledge relevant to their discipline/career choice

  • share personal experiences with mentees, especially personal qualities needed to achieve success

  • foster a sense of pragmatism through sharing both success as well as failure stories

  • inculcate a sense of positive mindset and proactive mentality

  • provide honest and candid feedback


Key attributes to successful mentoring


  • genuine interest and commitment to developing mentees

  • understanding the mindset of young mentees

  • adjusting information to the required needs of the mentees

  • adequate preparation and structured discussion

  • facilitation skills to foster meaning discussion and participation

  • good listening skills

The Mentorship Programme for the school year 2018-19 has come to an end. 
Thanks to all mentors for your support.






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