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Dear members: Kindly note that while the PSA is happy to help report on Class Year activities (by the F.5 graduation year under HKCEE, or F.6 under DSE) to facilitate reunions, we regret that we won't be able to accommodate requests to publish individual class gatherings due to resource limitation.  In other words, we encourage you to line up your graduating year for activities, so we can help you make the publication!


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1985 The Class of 1985 celebrated their 35th
Anniversary reunion over dinner on 26
June 2020
. 14 classmates from the two  Science classes joined and shared fond memories together with their Chinese teachers Miss Teresa Wong and Miss Iris Mok. They recalled the days when Chinese Literature was introduced to Science girls for HKCEE! To
reconnect with the group, please contact Susanna Chung.
Susanna Chung susannachungss@
1988 The Class of 1988 enjoyed a great 30th anniversary dinner gathering on 24 November 2018. Over 70 classmates reunited to catch up, take photos and even sing the school song! It was a remarkable opportunity to meet friends
they spent life with three decades ago. To reconnect with the group, please contact Heidi Lee.

Heidi Lee
1983 The Class of 1983 hosted their 35th anniversary reunion on 20 October 2018 in Hong Kong. 35 classmates and 11 teachers reunited to enjoy lunch, shared past memories and catch up on recent developments. Those who would like to reconnect with the group please contact Eva Chow. Eva Chow
1967 ¡@ The Class of 1967 held their 50th Anniversary Reunion on 25-27 October 2017 in Hong Kong with a visit to the school in the afternoon of 25 October 2017, and a reunion dinner in the same evening. There was also some sight-seeing activities over the period for those visiting from overseas. Over 30 classmates joined the happy celebration. Those who would like to reconnect please contact Mary Cheng or Peggy Tsang. Mary Cheng

Peggy Tsang


1997 The Class of 1997 celebrated their 20th
Anniversary Reunion over a boisterous
Chinese dinner on in July 2017. Over 60 alumnae caught up with each other
again after their big reunion party at
the school¡¦s tuck shop 10 years ago.
To reconnect with the group, please
contact Juliana Wong.
Juliana Wong


The Class of 1986 held their 30th anniversary in July 2016 in Hong Kong. 42 classmates and 8 teachers joined the event at the HK Football Club. They shared a lot of memories, old photos and
old songs regarding their school life, and the evening was filled with joy and laughter. Please contact Anna Au to reconnect with the group.
Anna Au
1965 The Class of 1965 held another 50th anniversary celebration in Hong Kong in November 2015. 25 schoolmates, including those from Canada, USA and Australia, with some seeing each other for the first time since graduation, joined the anniversary dinner, a visit to our Alma Mater, a day trip to Macau, and a reunion lunch with teachers. Those interested to reconnect please contact Teresa Yip. Teresa Yip
1965 The Class of 1965 celebrated their 50th anniversary in Toronto Canada in May 2015, followed by a reunion cruise to
the Caribbean together with friends and family, sharing joyful memories of friendship and fun. Please contact
Veronica Loo to reconnect with the group.
Veronica Loo

The Class of 1985 celebrated their 30th Anniversary on 21 March 2015. A school tour was held in the afternoon, followed by a reunion dinner. To reunite with the group, please contact Susanna
Susanna Chung susannachungss@
1984 The Class of 1984 celebrated their 30th
anniversary on 5 July 2014. 21 class-mates visited the school during the day and had a chance to meet Sr. Virginia Wong, their F.1 sister-in charge.  In the evening, 55 classmates and 5 teachers  attended the reunion dinner to share memories and fun. To reconnect, please contact Rosanna Chu.
Rosanna Chu rosanna_wc_chu@
1979 The Class of 1979 celebrated their 35th anniversary in July 2014 in Hong Kong. Over 70 people, including 63 girls and 9 teachers, joined the reunion dinner held at Kimberley Hotel. Amongst them, 8 classmates flew back from overseas to share this happy occasion. A group of 20 visited their alma mater during a campus tour prior to the dinner. To reconnect with the group, please contact Rosa Yeung or Maria Assumpta Au. Rosa Yeung alexrosa@

Maria Assumpta Au marialiu@

1983 The Class of 1983 reunited for their 30th anniversary on 14-15 December 2013 in Hong Kong. The two-day celebration started with a campus visit, followed a reunion lunch attended by 49 classmates and 14 teachers. After the lunch 33 classmates went for an overnight stay at a campsite in Tai Tong, Yuen Long, catching up till 3am in the morning! A finale lunch was held the following day where 40 classmates enjoyed each other¡¦s company over pizza and pasta! It was a memorable experience for everyone.  Please contact Eva Chow to reconnect with the group. Eva Chow

The Class of 1963 celebrated their Golden Jubilee in November 2013 in Hong Kong.  The two-week long celebration began with a school visit on 7 November, during which a set of hand-made dolls in school uniforms were presented to our Alma Mater.  A reunion dinner followed on 8 November where 40 classmates and 18 spouses shared a joyous evening with friends and VIP guests.  There was also a 6-day Yangtse River Cruise which was attended by 24!  A total of 45 classmates participated in the official events. It was a wonderful get-together as some friends had not seen each other in five decades!  Please contact Elena Kho Wang at to reconnect with the group.

Elena Kho Wang
1962 The Class of 1962 (Chinese Section) celebrated their 50th anniversary in November 2012 in Hong Kong.  More than 30 classmates reunited in Hong Kong for various activities.  They had a campus visit in the afternoon of
29 November, followed by a dinner where they shared fond memories of their school days.  Contact Yvonne Yiu to get in touch.
Yvonne Yiu ysoysoyiu@
1962 The Class of 1962 (English Section) celebrated their 50th anniversary in November 2012 in Hong Kong. Over 35 classmates gathered from different parts of the world for a range of activities, including meals, visits and tours to Hong Kong and Macau.  On
3 November, they visited Sr Ida in the morning and reunited on campus in the afternoon, during which souvenirs were presented to the school.  Contact Mrs Agnes Leung to reconnect
Mrs. Agnes Leung agnesleung22@
1971 The Class of 1971 had their 40th anniversary reunion in December 2011 in Hong Kong. Classmates flew in from Australia, US and Canada and a visit to their Alma Mater was organized on
23 December 2011, followed by a reunion dinner in the evening. A two-day trip to Hoi Ping was also part of the group¡¦s activities. Contact Georgiana Tsoi to reconnect.
Georgiana Tsoi


The Class of 1961 celebrated their 50th anniversary in November 2011 in Hong Kong. They shared their sweet and fond memories of being part of St. Mary's by visiting the school campus and Sister Ida.  They then extended their celebration by having a reunion dinner and a cruise to Singapore. Contact Theresa Cheung to reconnect.

Theresa Cheung
Toronto The St. Mary¡¦s Canossian College Alumni Association (Ontario) celebrated the 110th Anniversary of their Alma Mater on 2 October 2010 in Toronto with a Mass in the afternoon and dinner reception in the evening.  There were 13 tables of alumnae and friends, with Sr. Esther Ling joining as special guest.  Contact Chairlady Katherine Hauw to reconnect. Katherine Hauw jao2504@
1965 The Class of 1965 celebrated their 45th anniversary in October 2010 in Hong Kong. A reunion dinner was held on
26 October
2010 with over 40 classmates joining from all over the world. Some classmates also went for a campus tour on 30 October. Contact Ella Yung May Ling ¦¥¬ü¬Â to reconnect.
Ella Yung May Ling
1960 The Class of 1960 celebrated their 50th anniversary with a few functions. There was a Thanksgiving Prayer meeting on
24 February 2010 in the school chapel, followed by a tour round the campus and dinner in the evening. Some will go on a trip to Kunming from 14-17 November. Compilation of an update list of 1960 Form 5 or 1962 Upper Six graduates is in progress. Contact Helen Chow to reconnect.
Helen Chow
1969 The Class of 1969 celebrated their 40th anniversary during 18-22 November 2009. Over 30 classmates visited the school campus on 21 November together with Sr. Esther, followed by dinner with  over 40 classmates, some joining from abroad. There was also a side trip to Panyu and a tram party.  Contact Rosy Yung or Cynthia Wu to reconnect. Rosy Yung

Cynthia Wu
1959 The Class of 1959 celebrated their 50th anniversary with lots of activities. 11 classmates met in Toronto in early October 2009. Over 20 classmates from both the English and Chinese sections visited the school campus on
3 November
, followed by lunch. Girls from the Chinese section had a side trip to Zhongshan and Zhuhai from
4-6 November
, while those from the English section had a reunion dinner on 6 November joined by Sr. Ida. Contact Rosemary Kao to reconnect.
Rosemary Kao
The Class of 1962 had their 47th anniversary reunion gathering from
25-29 October 2009
in Shanghai, China. 48 participants, including spouses and a few friends, flew in from four continents to join two dinners. The group will have their next reunion in 2012 for their 50th anniversary. Contact Margaret Chan to reconnect.
Margaret Chan
1979 The Class of 1979 celebrated their 30th anniversary reunion on 11 July 2009 in Hong Kong. 30 girls joined the campus tour during the day, and 90 girls and
9 teachers attended the reunion dinner at night. Contact Rosa Yeung to reconnect.
Rosa Yeung
1968 The Class of 1968 celebrated their 40th anniversary reunion on 22 November 2008. 30 schoolmates shared a reminiscent morning visiting the campus, while more than 50 joined a fun-filled dinner attended by classmates and retired teachers. Contact Agnes Yam to reconnect. Agnes Yam agnes_ky_lee@

The Class of 1978 celebrated their 30th anniversary reunion on 2 August 2008. 20 schoolmates shared a reminiscent afternoon visiting the campus, and 30 joined the reunion dinner in the evening together with 6 teachers. Contact Betty Ko to reconnect with the group.

Betty Ko
1961 The Class of 1961 had its annual reunion in December 2007 in Toronto, Canada. 20 girls, including one from Hong Kong and seven from the U.S., gathered for the event consisting of a reunion dinner, harbour cruise and trip to Niagara Falls.  Contact Theresa Shum to reconnect. Theresa Shum
1977 The Class of 1977 gathered on
25 August 2007
in Hong Kong for their 30th anniversary reunion. More than 35 classmates joined to visit the school campus and attended the dinner at night. A similar reunion was also held on
15 September
in Toronto, during which 15 classmates attended. Please contact Amy Yung if you wish to reconnect.
Amy Yung amy@discover-me.com
1997 The Class of 1997 held their ¡§Golden 10 Reunion Party¡¨ in the school¡¦s tuck shop on 7 July 2007. Over 60 girls attended and it was a special occasion for catching up with each other since graduation. Please contact Juliana Wong to get in touch. Juliana Wong
Toronto The St. Mary¡¦s Canossian College Alumni Association (Ontario) celebrated its 20th Anniversary on
25 & 26 November 2006.  The first evening was a Chinese dinner attended by 20 tables of St. Marians, Sr. Esther Ling (Principal 1991-2000), friends and family, as well as representatives from
12 Catholic Joint Schools Alumni Association.  The second day comprised a mass and yum-cha afterwards.  Please contact Chairlady Katherine Hauw to reconnect.
Katherine Hauw jao2504@
1961 After 45 years of absence of contact, seven F.5 graduates of 1961 reconnected and had their first reunion in August 2006 in Colorado, USA. The 2007 reunion will take place in Toronto, Canada. Graduates of 1961 who wish to reconnect, please contact us.

Theresa Cheung


1976 The reunion of the Class of 1976 was divided into 3 parts. First, over 10 girls visited the school campus on
8 July 2006
. Then, 34 girls attended the reunion dinner on the same evening, and were joined by 7 teachers. Finally, 8 girls & families went on a trip to Guilin.

Anissa Wong


1975 The reunion of the Class of 1975 was held on 13 Jan 2006. The 19 girls gathered to share an enjoyable evening  joined by Mr. Siu Yuk-cheung, Mr. Lee Siu-tat & Mrs. Winnie Hung.

Dr Monica Wong

1970 The Class of 1970 held its 35th anniversary reunion on 12 Nov 2005. 33 girls, including 3 from the US, spent an unforgettable evening chatting and reconnecting with one another.

Regina Fung

The Class of 1964 held its 40th anniversary reunion in October 2005 in Hong Kong.  Over 30 girls joined  from all over the world.  A school visit was organized in the morning of 27 Oct, and the reunion dinner was held on the 29th. Then from the 31st, some of the group went off for a tour of Shanghai!

Linda Tong


1980 The Class of 1980 held a two-part 25th anniversary reunion in June & Sept 2005. Part I was held on 18 June in HK. Some 60 girls & 14 teachers attended the dinner. Part II was held in San Francisco on 7 Sept in which 12 girls participated. Anna Chow syannachow@







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