In the Footsteps of our Foundress St. Magdalen of Canossa


In 2008, the Canossian Daughters of Charity celebrates the 200th anniversary of their congregation.

True to the Canossian spirit of humility, a large-scale celebration in Hong Kong was called off as the Sisters decided that they would instead donate the money to the victims of the Sichuan earthquakes in May. As a result, thanks-giving masses were held throughout the year at different Canossian institutions.

Today, the Canossian Institute spans across 33 countries with 2930 sisters in 347 communities. As the year closes, we are reminded again to be thankful for the unconditional love that our Foundress, St. Magdalen of Canossa, had passed onto us through the Canossian Sisters. May God bless all our Sisters and continue to look after them in their meaningful mission of love.



 Refresh your memory on the life of our Foundress St. Magdalen of Canossa here.

Read about the work of the Canossian Sisters in Hong Kong, Macau and China here.







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